The CMI Jewelry Showroom Difference
One of the most important jobs we do here at CMI Jewelry Showroom is help people get married. Choosing your engagement ring at CMI is a comfortable experience because we offer the following advantages:

Local owners who are available to personally teach you about diamonds as well as an educated, professional staff who do not work on commission.
Hundreds of loose diamonds to choose from in many shapes and sizes at the best values. We carefully select our diamonds from sources world-wide at significant discounts based on our large volume of inventory. Our diamonds are independently certified for quality and precision of cut by the most reputable laboratories.
Price protection guarantee. If you find an identical laboratory documented diamond at any jewelry store for less within 30 days CMI will refund the difference plus 10%.
Upgrade your diamond. The day may come when you decide to upgrade your diamond. CMI will allow you to apply the full purchase price of your loose diamond towards any comparable quality diamond twice the size of the original stone. Simply keep your original documentation to return to us.
Financing. For qualified applicants, CMI has extended payment plans including seasonal no interest offers and personalized layaway programs.
On site services. CMI Jewelry Showroom can quickly set your new diamond in a mounting of your choice as well as service all of your jewelry right here in our jewelry studio.
Quality Assurance. Our guarantee protects every piece of CMI jewelry from any manufacturing defect for as long as you own it. We will gladly replace or repair any item that does not meet our strict Assurance Policy. We feel that a jeweler should never sell a warranty–it should be included with your purchase. CMI Jewelry Showroom Guarantees the high quality of workmanship on every piece of jewelry.

What do the 4Cs represent?

The 4Cs represent the four basic quality factors used to establish the value of a diamond. The quality of a diamond can be rated only when the Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight have been analyzed. Understanding the 4Cs helps explain why diamonds that appear to be virtually identical may show a wide range in price.

Cut refers to the diamond’s proportions and finish and is synonymous with “make”. The “make” of a diamond is a measure of the proportioning, facet angles, and finish.

Cut is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the shape of a diamond. The most common diamond shapes are…

The color grade is the relative position of a diamond’s body color on a colorless-to-yellow scale. The best, most beautiful diamonds have no color at all.


The diamond’s clarity is the measure of the degree to which a diamond is free from inclusions, very tiny natural birthmarks within most diamonds. The clarity grade is determined when the diamond is viewed under 10-power magnification by a trained eye. The size, quantity, location, type, and color of the inclusions within the diamond contribute toward the overall clarity grade.


Diamonds are weighed in units called carats. A carat is measured in increments called points. One carat is equal to 100 points. Carat weight is the easiest of the 4Cs to determine because it is measured on a diamond scale. But two diamonds of equal weight can have very unequal value depending upon the cut, color, and clarity of each.