Commonly known for its deep blue completion, Sapphire is also the birthstone of September. Sapphires come in a multitude of different colors. This Dazzling Jewel is accepted as the go-to rock for the 5th and 45th marriage anniversaries. Ancient priests and sorcerers even honored the sapphire above all gems because the stone enabled them to interpret oracles and foretell the future. This wasn’t sapphires only moment in history! Prince Charles in 1981 proposed to the late Princess Diana with this beautiful blue gemstone.

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69732581-a354-4df0-ab0d-c480635629a5Wedding Bands

Ah, September! It’s no wonder that when the leafs begin to change and the world suddenly becomes a little more vibrant the wedding bells start ringing. Planning your wedding can be extremely stressful and have you even found your wedding bands yet? Your wedding bands will be with you every moment after you say the words “I Do.” They’re kind of a big deal! With a decision so great, let CMI Jewelry Showroom make sure you’re making the right one. Between our 10,000 square foot jewelry store and knowledgeable staff, you are sure to find that perfect set of matching wedding bands that will put the final touch on your big day!

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Local Gems (Kid’s Edition)
The Triangle contains many treasures!  Here are some of our recommendations of things to do around town:

cafd46bb-056b-45a9-8b67-6d603b8b9f2cMarbles Kids Museum

Since opening its doors on September 29, 2007, Marbles has inspired kids to think critically through hands-on activities. Their mission statement speaks for itself: MARBLES SPARKS imagination, discovery, and learning through PLAY! Playing contributes to intellectual growth and much more in a young child mind and Marbles is the place to start. Crowds were blown away at the transformation the museum underwent in just 24 days after a merger between Exploris and Playspace that created Marbles. With a marble wall that wraps around the museum and illuminates at night, this museum is defiantly sight worthy for any family.

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Dave and Buster’s

An exquisite dining experience where they create synergy between food and art, Chef’s Palette is a restaurant you can’t miss! They also offer live music from talented local artists every weekend. One of their best specials is the Monday night $5 burgers, served with steak fries or sweet potato chips. They offer a wide variety of fine food, from delicious swordfish to pork chops to good old fashioned rib eye. They even have a gluten-free menu!

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