At CMI Jewelry Showroom, one of the many services we offer is purchasing broken or unwanted “Scrap” gold, Silver and Platinum. We purchase these metals from jewelry, coins, flatware, etc, in a secure and comfortable environment. Because we don’t depend on gold buying to cover our overhead expenses like the “Gold Buyers” do, we are able to offer the most money. We consistently hear from our clients how much better our offers are for on-the-spot payments and we also offer a bonus for trading your old gold in for new jewelry!One of the owners of CMI Jewelry Showroom will quickly and professionally sort, test for purity, and weigh your metals right in front of you while explaining the whole process and make you an immediate offer to purchase or trade.We may also be able to add to our offer for any diamonds or colored gemstones in your jewelry that have significant salvage value as well as advise you if a piece would be better fit to sell complete in a secondary “estate” market. No “Gold Buyers” offer these advantages!