A World Class Showroom

Founded in 1970 CMI has grown to be a nationally recognized importer of loose diamonds and fine jewelry. Our 10,000 square feet jewelry showroom is the largest in North Carolina! Specializing in engagement rings, wedding bands, fine jewelry, and professional repairs, we can do it all! With all that square footage you are probably wondering how are you going to be able to find that perfect gem–that’s where our team comes in! With years of training and expertise our team will be there to guide you to your next prized possession. Our team is devoted to bringing our customers and community the best quality service around at the best prices.


Known for its yellow to red-orange completion, this month’s birthstone is citrine! Much quartz that is mined does not tend to be citrine, but rather other natural stones that are pale yellows and smoky tones. To produce citrine, certain quartz can be heated on site at their retrieval mine. Oftentimes available in large sizes, citrine can be cut into dramatic and intricate designs that are not available with other stones. Requiring no extra care or upkeep, this is the accepted jewel for the 13th year of marriage.


Local Gems

PLACES TO GO : NC Museum of Art

From October 1, 2016, until January 15, 2017, you can check out the “Rolling Sculptures Art Deco Cars” from the 1930’s and 40’s at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Discover and enjoy the art deco period that is known for blending modern decorative arts with industrial design and is today synonymous with luxury and glamour. With 14 unique automobiles and 3 motorcycles in exhibition right now, go see the artistic flair that was sparked by an international art movement that will please its viewers for as long as it stays in town.

PLACES TO EAT: Metro Diner

Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Metro Diner has planted a new location right in our own Raleigh backyard. The Raleigh location is the first of their four North Carolina locations coming soon. Known for making you feel just like a local from the moment you step through the door, Metro diner is the ‘local’ place to stop. Where the portions are big, and the egos are small, any out-of-towner will feel right at home at the Metro Diner. So head on over to the newest Raleigh attraction “Where the Locals Eat!”.