Springtime is upon us, and love is in the air! May through October is “wedding season”, and the most popular time of year for couples to make it official. While the engagement ring is important, some would argue that the most important ring is the wedding band, and we have a large selection of beautiful bands to choose from, for both the bride and groom. We have hundreds of wedding rings in stock in all different styles, from traditional to modern, and made of all types of metals, from gold and platinum, to tungsten and titanium. We carry wedding bands from top designers, including Scott Kay, S. Kashi, True Knots, Stanmark, and Crownring.

To learn more about our wedding ring selection, or come in to meet with one of our expert staff so they can help you and your future spouse choose the rings of your dreams.


May is the heart of the Spring season, and this time of year nature is full of lush green trees and beautiful flowers. May’s birthstone reflects the beauty of this time of year – it’s the emerald! Emeralds are not just a birthstone, they are also the traditional gift for 20th and 35th anniversaries.

Emeralds are one of the most highly prized gems, and finding a flawless, clear emerald is extremely rare. They are typically small to medium sized stones, and often cut into a step or “emerald” shape. Throughout history emeralds were said to cure poor eyesight, enhance IQs, remedy infertility, and even allow the wearer to see into the future. Today, we just love the vibrant color and beauty. Emeralds should be taken care of against sharp blows, scratches, chemicals and extreme temperature changes.

Local Gems

PLACES TO GO : Lynnwood Brewing Concern

Right next door to Hummingbird’s is LBC, which we love because not only do they serve award winning beers, but also because it’s dog friendly! Some of their most beloved brews include the Hop on Top IPA, Mosaic Pale Ale, and the Deez Coconutz Porter, but they have a large, delicious, and constantly evolving beer selection.

PLACES TO EAT: Hummingbird’s

We love the quaint atmosphere in Hummingbird’s, located on E. Whitaker Mill Road. Hummingbird’s is a small plate and cocktail spot, known for having incredibly unique drinks, dishes, and snacks. Some of our recommendations include the lamb meatballs, shrimp dip with homemade potato chips, and the shaved brussels sprouts.