Tissot Watches!
Tissot has been leading the european industry through reliability and quality since 1853. To this day Tissot stands by their motto, “Innovators by Tradition.” Tissot watches are authentic, accessible, and use special materials, advanced functionalities and meticulous design. A sleek or sporty Tissot watch is the perfect graduation gift for those who have invested immeasurable time into their recent accomplishment.

Although most may not realize that a pearl is actually a stone, it is in fact June’s birthstone! Formed by an oyster’s defense mechanism, pearls are formed when an irritant is introduced and the particle is immediately surrounded by layers of a substance called nacre. In addition to being a birthstone, Pearls have been accepted as the official stone for the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversary.


Local Gems:
The Triangle contains many treasures! Here are some of our recommendations of things to do around town:

af8df4f4-05f4-4388-988f-e36037726302Cinemark Raleigh Grande Theater:

Need a good place for date night? Family night? Cinemark Raleigh Grande Theater is the place to be! This amazing theater offers reclining stadium seating as well as handicap seating. In addition to its comfortable seating, Cinemark Raleigh Grande Theater also has a full-service cafe along with a bar that offers wine, beer, and frozen drinks.

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7e9ddf60-735c-41ba-8311-ab18c8e3bd6bNantucket Grill

The owner of Nantucket Grill believed that New England style cuisine was too good for the south not to experience. In 1997, Nantucket Grill opened its first location in Durham, NC. Specializing in different dishes from chowders to lobster rolls and fried seafood, they offer a free piece of “mile high” cake on Tuesdays and Saturdays with any $10 purchase.

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