CMI Jewelry Showroom

Jewelry stores, places of wonder and magic, are where you can find the perfect item to accompany the most captivating moments of your life. Nothing says that better than the quest for the perfect engagement ring. In Raleigh, there may be many jewelry stores where you can look, but come to CMI Jewelry Showroom to find the ideal ring. We will skillfully guide you through a selection of hundreds of mountings helping you choose the perfect setting for your diamond. Out of all the jewelry stores in Raleigh, we will have the engagement ring for you.

The Birthstone for July is the elegant Ruby. A beautiful red gemstone symbolic of romance, passion and energy. It is said to bring success and wealth while bestowing good fortune on the wearer. The ruby is second only to diamonds as the hardest natural gemstone. Rubies were said to contain the essence of life because they were believed to be formed from the blood of Mother Earth. Ancient Sanskrit translates rubies as the “king of precious stones.” Fun fact: Ruby is from the Latin word rubeus, meaning “red”, so calling something ruby red is redundant.

Local Gems

PLACES TO GO : Beauty and the Beast

Step into the enchanted world of a timeless family favorite based on the classic fairy tale, Beauty and The Beast. You’ve seen the new hit movie, now experience this “tale as old as time” live at The Durham Performing Arts Center. Watch an exceptional performance play out before you on an expansive stage with lavish sets and costumes, unforgettable characters and incredible musical numbers. Hear “Be Our Guest”, “Gaston” and other favorites sung live. Come experience the wonder and enchantment that is Beauty and the Beast live on stage.


For a taste of something different, visit Bu-Ku. Over the centuries people from all over the world have perfected their local street food through trial and error until only the best remained. Bu-Ku started with the aim of taking that food, from streets of the world, and bringing it inside for a new type of dining. Designed for the type of mix & match tasting and plate-sharing that sparks conversation. Come in with friends or that significant other and prepare to be amazed at the variety of food found on street corners around the globe.