Picking out the right piece of jewelry can be a huge decision both financially and emotionally. This is a piece of art you (or your loved one) will be wearing for years to come and might be passed down one day. When you choose to purchase from your local jewelry store over a chain, you’re choosing quality, education, and an overall better purchasing experience. Unlike the big chain stores, private jewelers purchase their gems from reputable sources, hand-picking what they’ll sell, versus the chains who purchase in bulk. Come in to CMI and you will receive the full attention of our staff, who will educate you on what you’re looking to purchase and find something that’s perfect for you!



Ruby is the birthstone for July and the gem for 15th and 40th anniversaries. Besides being valued for its bright color, it is the most desirable gem due to hardness, durability, luster, and rarity. Transparent rubies of large sizes are even rarer than diamonds. The ruby’s rich, vivid red color is due to the presence of chromium, and its almost identical twin sister the sapphire is similar in all but color.

mined by its shape, size, and brilliance. Pearls have come to symbolize a happy marriage, purity, and modesty.

Local Gems

Oak City Park

On July 13th head to Dorthea Dix Park for Destination SunFest, a celebration of summer, fun, and sunflowers! The event includes live music, food trucks, vendors, arts & crafts, carnival rides, hayrides, mini-golf, and so much more!

Oak City Meatballs

If you’re on the hunt for the best meatballs in the Triangle, make sure to check out Oak City! They offer great options for appetizers, sides, and desserts, plus tons of different types of meatballs, including buffalo chicken, veggie, spicy pork, and of course, traditional. They also let you pair your meatballs with one of the sauces they offer, from pesto, to meat sauce, to blue cheese cream.