36238A man who knows style and how to dress well is noticed by all. No matter the style–whether casual, classy, or modern– CMI Jewelry Showroom has jewelry that will give any man an extra measure of confidence. Men’s jewelry often gets lost in all the excitement of our huge selection but we do have men’s rings, bracelets, necklaces, and an assortment of accessories such as personalized money clips and cuff links. So don’t forget the men in your life when it comes to jewelry gift giving!

The following link to men’s jewelry manufacturers will give you a sample of the many styles we offer:

Remember, every piece of jewelry from CMI Jewelry Showroom comes with our absolute quality assurance. We guarantee the high quality of workmanship to protect you from any manufacturing defects.


Scott Kay includes men in exciting new high quality styles of jewelry he designs. Constructed in sterling silver with solid 18kt yellow gold accents these pieces last a lifetime.


Triton Jewelry offers rings, bracelets and necklaces in Tungsten Carbide and Sterling Silver designed for today's man. Triton is the ultimate collection that fuses inspired artistry, innovative engineering, and contemporary metals to create bold statements.


Chisel Jewelry is the quintessential brand for men’s accessories. Chisel offers the choice of many styles from modern to classic, money clips to key chains, and even customized cuff links. Available in an array of different metals and materials, you can be assured of the durability of your watch. You’ll own Chisel for life.