The Perfect Gift for Your Valentine

February is traditionally the month when love is celebrated, and couples try to find the perfect gift to show their valentine their affections. While flowers, candy or even a card are sweet ways to show you’re thinking about your other half, at CMI we have a huge selection of beautiful gifts that is show your blow your loved one away. We have gorgeous pieces that fit all budget, and whether you’re giving your gift to a man or woman, we have something for everyone. Stop in and talk with one of our expert jewelers and find something the perfect gift in our 10,000 square foot showroom.



Amethyst is a quartz that comes in a variety of colors, from pale lilac to the deepest shades of purple. Amethyst is available in all shapes and sizes, and is a very durable stone that can be worn daily. Amethyst has a long and storied history; it was considered an antidote for drunkenness in ancient Greece. In fact, the name comes from the Greek word “amethysos”, which can be translated to “not drunken”. Since purple is the color of royalty, it’s been popular with nobility throughout history, and is featured multiple times in the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. Amethyst is said to have calming qualities that bring peace, protection and tranquility to the wearer.

Local Gems



If you’re looking for something different to do this Valentine’s Day, why not take a little trip over to Durham, where Unscripted Durham is offering two unique Valentine’s Day packages. Book a night at Unscripted Durham and you can add on one of the special packages – The first package includes a 25 minute moonlit helicopter ride over Durham, chocolates, and the chance to name a star after your valentine. The second package features a custom fragrance artist who will help you create your very own signature perfume, chocolates, and a custom gift bag.

PLACES TO EAT: MATEO bar de tapas

If you’re looking to find something different in Durham, make sure to check out Mateo, a tapas bar with lots of lovely little plates you’ll want to share. Mateo is housed in the old Book Exchange in downtown Durham, which adds to its charm, and serves up Spanish food with a Southern twist. Looking for some dishes you need to try? The Gambas, Patatas Bravas, and Costillas de Puerco are just a few favorites.